SoftNoze™ 工业的使用情况…

Automotive Industry
汽车和运输行业依赖坚固可靠的设备,自动化工作控股和传感组件。SoftNoze在这些领域为客户提供了高质量组件和可支持各种传感器的配件,在冲压、白车身,装配,以及1、2、3层的供应商。 Sample SoftNoze Automotive Industry Application

Machine & Plant Engineering
Machine builders design faster, better and often at lower cost when standard components are selected. SoftNoze offers components specifically designed for factory automation sensors and switch applications. Together we can promote industry standards so machines and sensors are easier to specify and maintain, in small, large machine systems or smaller tooling & fixture designs. Our components are also used by plant engineers and technicians to keep factories up and running.

Material Handling
Machinery that lifts, moves and transfers, both in the plant and along the logistics pathways, SoftNoze offers components for sensor placement, adjustment and protection. Industry solutions for conveyors, pallet and package processing- from machinery OEM’s to warehouse and distribution hubs, and the MRO requirements.

Mobile Equipment
Applications for advanced dump trucks, portable traffic signal equipment, agricultural machines like hay bailers, to recycling and waste vehicles. Our standard and custom components help sensors and switch survive rugged, outdoor, environments. SoftNoze Components help mobile equipment designers proceed more rapidly and decrease their equipment's time- to-market.

Packaging Industry
Packaging machinery often includes the equipment used for food, beverage, household goods, and pharmaceuticals packaging. Automation here has unique requirements, especially in food processing, where specially designed or sealed designs are necessary. Components compatibility with high pressure wash downs that include acids and cleaners are critical. Additionally, using non-contaminating components that do not alter smell, taste, color or appearance of packaged goods are a requirement. SoftNoze’s components can also be highly configurable so your sensing applications can adapt to industry changes and or product line changeovers.

Pulp, Paper & Printing Industries
From harvesting raw materials, processing lumber, to the additional automated processes of making newspapers, magazines, catalogs and a multitude of other paper products- flexible and new technology is critical. Existing equipment upgraded demand many sensors, machine vision systems and specialty switches. SoftNoze components help you at the device level to optimize operations that can help you realize increased efficiency, improved quality, which lead reductions in waste and increases in your energy saving.

Process Equipment
Process automation industries are very diverse, from deep sea energy exploration, to mixing large batches of your favorite drink in plants that use miles of pipes and tall silos and tanks. Sensors here are used to detect continuous streams of product, such as chemicals, powders, food and beverage ingredients and more. Control systems use sensor outputs to measure and monitor pressures, temperatures, ph, flows and levels. SoftNoze provides components that help sensors complete these important tasks.

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