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还在用建模软件吗? 使用索福诺思供应文件,这样你可以更容易和迅速得采用我们的组件。使用库存组件来设计机器更有效率并且保持专注于最重要的——机器设计问题。通过电子邮件, 发送型号编码,或提交你的请求获取零件资料只读光盘。在索福诺思,我们知道每个零件都是不可或缺的!


CAD Models for Designers & Engineers
Using modeling software? SoftNoze supplies files so you can adopt our components more easily and quickly. Use stock components to design machinery faster and stay focused on larger machine design issues. Request by email Here by individual model number(s), or submit your request parts library on a CD ROM Here. At SoftNoze, we know that Every Part Counts!

Components for all Sensor Brands. View SoftNoze Clients and the Markets/Industries that we serve.