SoftNoze™ 每个零件都是不可或缺的!
在控制系统中很容易发生故障,使得机械、工人和效能完全停止。通常故障的产生追溯到很小的组配件。SoftNoze 的传感器 安装配件 是以保持传感器工作和提高生产系统效率而著称的。我们的弹力复位型缓冲安装支架(SN系列支架)帮助我们遍布世界各地的 客户 避免停机时间和增加他们的收益。 在 SoftNoze, 我们知道,每个零件都是不可或缺的!

Every Part Counts!
Trouble can easily occur in control systems, bringing machinery, people and efficiency to a complete stop. Often problems are traced to small, component level, parts. SoftNoze Components are famous for keeping all Sensor Brands working and production systems profitable. Our Cushioned Sensor Mounts have helped our Clients around the world avoid downtime and increased their profits. At SoftNoze, we know that Every part counts!