SoftNoze Application Review/Client Success Story

Industry Snapshot:  Pharmaceutical, Medical, Healthcare & Health Science
Medical industries help make sure China's and the world's people can enjoy a normal life and overcome sickness and poor health.

Client:  Machine Builder for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry
A famous medical machine manufacturer, who makes machinery for processing and packaging of pharmaceutical drugs.

Location:  Shanghai, PRC
Shanghai is an important economic, financial, trade and shipping center in China. Manufacturing here, increasingly performed by automated machinery that uses millions of sensors and switches, is highly concentrated in and around the Shanghai Region.

Application:  Conveying Portion of Drug Production & Packaging Machine
In a conveying drive mechanism (Top Photo) of a drug packaging machine, a series of M12x1 proximity sensors are used to detected packages. As packaging is moved, both correct or poor positions are confirmed to the control system.

Quick Take-away:  Small variations and slight shifting can vary signals to sensors. SoftNoze helps a machine builder, so productivity is increased and error calls for troubleshooting equipment is avioded.

Problem:  Sensor are used in positions to detect if goods move to the right position, but sometime situations due to worker error or some other things can occur, thus sensors can be hit by the goods. When this happens time after time, it leads to broken sensors and then the factory machinery has to stop and lose money. While small variations are normal, some fall out of range with sensors. In cases of larger deviations, errors and damage to sensors, yet are prevented using the SoftNoze "Cushioned Sensor Mounts", these are spring-loaded brackets. Learn more below...

Solution:  Our products, multiple "SN-12" Cushioned Sensor Mounts on sensors (Bottom Photo) change the situation. Hard, or fixed, mounted proximity sensors are not safe when hit. On the other hand, M12x1 sensors mounted with the SN-12 brackets allow sensors to spring-back into the right position automatically. Making for better-performing sensors and more relaible sensor signals easy.

Results:  Spring-loaded brackets allow the 12mm proximity sensors to function in varying conditions and allow packaging machinery to run more successfully, with fewer expensive trouble calls; this equals greater uptime and greater profits!

MAPP ™ = Mount | Apply | Position | Protect.

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