Compact Photoelectric Sensor Photoelectric Sensors: CX-400

Basic of photoelectric sensors with over 116 different models for wide application coverage. Compact Photoelectric SensorThe CX-400 series of photoelectric sensors is a wide-ranging lineup of 116 different models. Whatever your application entails, Panasonic has covered it with this series. Built to IP-67 standards, the CX-400 series is designed for the most demanding environments.

There are also models that are specifically design for resistance to oil, coolant, or ethanol. Couple this with high electrical noise resistance and a built in interference prevention function, and you have one of the most robust sensors on the market. Compact size and highly precise

The CX-400 series is compact in size (W11.2mm x H31.0mm x D20.0mm) with a world standard mounting pitch of 25.4mm. Wiring options include a M8 quick disconnect, M12 quick disconnect, or built-in wire type with a length of 0.5mm, 2m, or 5m.

High precision optics as well as high performance circuitry provides extremely stable sensing for determining small height differences, detecting transparent objects, and subtle color differences. Also, the series offers a high luminance beam spot that achieves long distances and can be as small as 2mm in diameter for detection of minute objects.

Four sensing types are available:

Diffuse Reflective
Available in 100, 300, and 800mm detecting distance models, along with a narrow view type that has a 2mm diameter beam spot.

Available in 10m and a longest in its class 15m detecting distance models. The ultra long range 15m version is made possible by utilizing a powerful infrared LED light source which is great for powering through dust and dirt as well.

Standard models are available in 3 and 5m detecting distance types. Specialized models for transparent object detection are also available in 0.5 and 2m detecting distances.

Adjustable Range Reflective
Available in 50, 100, and 300m detecting distance models, with the addition of a 2mm diameter small beam spot type. These sensors also incorporate foreground suppression and background suppression functions to limit the effect of unwanted detection.

All types are available with NPN or PNP transistor outputs.

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